How We Do It

We’ve worked in IT for a long time.  Before we started DJiNN we looked long and hard at the 3 of the most long-standing challenges in IT:

  1. 50-80% of IT projects fail to meet key goals, and the most important factor in those failures is people-based[1]
  2. The cost of ownership of an IT solution is an average of 5 times the initial investment[2]
  3. Two IT resources with the same experience can have a 10x difference in productivity, and two teams with the same experience can have a 5x difference in productivity[3]

We structured our company to both deal with and take advantage of these fundamentals.  These are not technology issues, they are people and organizational issues.  We start by hiring the best people, motivate them to deliver on time and on budget, and finally assign them to your solution for its entire lifetime so they view IT from its full, ‘total cost of ownership’ perspective.

The common factor in the above fundamentals is time: it takes time to learn what’s currently in place, time to learn your business, and time and experience to choose the right path forward. Finally, and most importantly, it takes time to experience the results of the effort in order to learn to do it better next time.  This is time that other IT companies don’t put in.  Their rush to deliver project after project does not give them the time to develop an accurate long-term view.  The short term view that other contractors and consultants work under does not lead to long term value.

At DJiNN we think in terms of long term value – the total cost of ownership of the IT solution – not in terms of short-term, project based profits. Before we do anything else, we get to know you, your business, your plans for growth and your corporate culture.  Only then will we recommend technologies that can be used to help you get what you want. We have designed our company so that we are rewarded for delivering the best long-term value to you.

  • Our staff are assigned to your IT solution for its lifetime.  They know you, they know your solution.  They know the impact of making good decisions now to make things easier one or two years from now.
  • Our staff work on the same team and they know each other and the components they are responsible for.
  • We work under a fixed fee in small, incremental steps.  So we are rewarded for both giving accurate quotes, and for making the right decisions to minimize the work needed later.

Our business model rewards us for making the decisions that benefit you.

Long-term value is a culture at DJiNN.  In the pursuit of this goal we have developed pragmatic, component based approach to IT solutions.  We see solutions as a well-crafted composition of one or more tried and tested components.  Legacy software, commercial off the shelf software, open source, and custom built solutions all have a place if they fit.  Component based solutions minimize risk by using deploying solutions one small, incremental step at a time, and maximize flexibility and long-term value by using existing proven technologies that can be replaced as needed.  After knowing you and your business, choosing the right components and knowing how to assemble and maintain them is our primary expertize.