Component Based Solutions

If you are looking at DJiNN you are looking for an ‘IT Advantage’ – something new, something unique that you can do with IT to streamline your business or propel it into a different market. Sometimes a full solution is already out there and can be adapted to what you need. But often only bits and pieces fit. As IT professionals with years of experience we do not try to re-invent the wheel. We see solutions as a well-crafted composition of one or more tried and tested components. Legacy software, commercial off the shelf software, open source, and custom built solutions all have a place if they fit.

Component based solutions minimize risk by deploying solutions one small, incremental step at a time, and maximize flexibility and long-term value by using existing proven technologies that can be replaced as needed. The key criterion for identifying and using components is long-term value. Often the least expensive option will cost the most in the long run due to license fees, ongoing customization costs, lost productivity, or maintenance costs and staff time. It takes experience and planning to assemble the right components in the right way to fit what you need.

At DJiNN our delivery teams we have continued to support all of our clients throughout the life-time of the solutions we have built for them. We have real experience that goes beyond just the initial implementation. After knowing you and your business, choosing the right components and knowing how to assemble and maintain them is our primary expertize.