What We Do

DJiNN provides a comprehensive list of services to fully plan, manage, implement, and support new and innovation IT solutions. We’ll even help in business development so you can leverage your advantage! Your current IT department can handle the day-to-day stuff, but we are there for what’s new and what’s critical.

Think of your DJiNN team as your additional IT department – your ‘IT advantage’. Your DJiNN team is a fully integrated and ready-to-go development team that is with you throughout the entire life-cycle of your solution. You can leverage our extensive experience with new technologies to grow and streamline your business, with the comfort that we will be there whenever you need us.  Furthermore, we guarantee our work:  we commit – in writing – that our services will be on time and on budget.

IT Planning and Decision Support

We offer fixed fee or retainer based service in a number of management and decision support areas:

  • On-demand, part-time CTO services
  • The impact of mobile and bring-your-own-device on your business
  • Business process re-engineering
  • System and vendor selection, including writing the technical part of your RFP

We recognize that for complex solutions we may not have all the services you may need. No matter what mix of services, our specialized knowledge is available to you to ensure that you have the right blend of components for the right solution.

Solution Development and Support

We provide a full range of development and system integration services:

  • System integration
  • Open source development
  • Mobile development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Managed Hosting
  • Ongoing maintenance and technical support

DJiNN specializes in managing fast moving, rapidly changing business applications. We know how to get solutions up and running quickly and evolve them rapidly.

Solution Planning and Management

We provide input into your planning and discussions around new features and direction for your IT solution as part of our value add for our integration, development and technical support services. We will work with you to plan a logical (from both a business and technical perspective) and economic approach to evolve your application in a planned and managed manner to meet new and/or changing business requirements. This will allow you to “evergreen” your application in an ever-changing business world and realize the most long-term value from your investment in applications.

Business Development Support

Given the pervasiveness of technology, we recognize that it is often difficult to have a business discussion without touching on the underlying / enabling technologies. We are available when you need someone to ‘talk technical’ with your prospects, clients or business partners regarding the software solutions we are actively supporting or developing.