On Time, On Budget

If you’ve been around the IT business for long you know that software development work, especially maintenance, is notoriously difficult to estimate let alone quote. Our ability to do provide guaranteed fixed price / fixed schedule services is a combination of the following factors:

  • We know what we are doing. There is no way around this point. We are using known and proven tools with an experienced and cohesive team. We invest the time up front to develop a comprehensive and in depth knowledge of your solution. And we maintain that knowledge across the team year after year. It the biggest advantage we have.
  • We emphasize small incremental changes that can be clearly defined and quickly implemented. This decreases uncertainty both in terms of cost and requirements. We benefit because we can quote with certainty. You benefit because this allows you to realize incremental benefits quickly and provide more feedback and visibility to see how things work before taking the next step.
  • We only charge for what we know we can estimate and deliver with certainty: For well-defined deliverables to a known environment with known tools we follow our fixed fee, fixed schedule mantra. For other work we will charge a reasonable hourly rate and use the same team.

We never charge for planning and scoping deliverables. We consider it up front work in the same way that other companies consider sales. We are investigating opportunities with you, our existing client, and always welcome the opportunity to talk to you and discuss the next steps for managing your solution.