Who We Are

DJiNN was founded by a group of IT professionals with a common goal: we were tired of the treadmill of failed projects and wanted to build IT solutions that work and keep on working as business and market conditions change. It was a challenging goal. Technology and businesses change constantly and keeping up is only the start. The real challenge, the art of IT, is finding solutions work within the time and budget constraints imposed, and keep on working and adapting with time. It has become our passion.

We control the uncertainties and changes in IT and deliver it’s opportunities, with guaranteed cost and schedule. We stand out from others in the industry in making that claim and take pride in delivering it.

David Robert, Ph.D., President

David Robert

“It gives me great satisfaction to deliver IT solutions that work. Early in my career I discovered that the art of software is the art of balancing competing needs and changing conditions. ‘Solution Engineer’ is not a very accurate term. There are no other engineers on the planet that work with a more rapidly changing set of tools and market conditions. It forces you to listen, to be pragmatic, to deeply understand the fundamentals, to be creative, and above all, to learn constantly. My clients are my partners. Together we create solutions that create success and growth. I feel lucky to work with so many great clients, and take part in so many challenging business opportunities.”

David holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Toronto. He has architected and developed a number of software products and worked in a number of start-ups, as well as consulting in a wide variety of industries. David excels at successfully aligning business strategies with IT.

Dave Cherkassky, Director of Technology

Dave Cherkassky

“People often asks me what I like about my job. I answer: ‘I like solving interesting problems. I enjoy working with interesting and intelligent people. I love learning new ways to deliver software, both from a technical and a business point of view.’

There is a fine line between being on the leading edge of technology and falling off it. My job is to deliver the solution to the client using tools that are most advanced *and* most stable. I am pragmatic; I don’t create software for the sake of the software, but only to solve a specific problem. And that’s where the fun is: solving challenging problems with good people using tools and processes that are advanced and stable.”

Dave Cherkassky graduated from University of Toronto with a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Physics. He is an experienced IT professional, comfortable and familiar with both the business and technical aspects of the software development industry. With over 16 years of application design and software project management and development experience, he has managed and delivered numerous business applications, many still in use by clients throughout Canada and United States.

Jamie MacDonald, Senior Software Engineer

Jamie MacDonald

“At DJiNN, I truly enjoy working with my clients. Prior to joining DJiNN ‘the client’ was an enigma revealed only through use cases and specifications. At DJiNN our close relationship with clients has enabled me to understand their needs, create creative solutions, and deliver what is really important to their business. I am proud to say that all of the solutions we have developed with clients are still in production and still working well. It’s a great source of satisfaction to see the value of the work that you do.”

Jamie has over 13 years of experience as an IT professional. Jamie has worked in a number of companies from major corporations to internet start-ups before co-founding DJiNN Software.