Product Manager

Are you passionate about IT that works?

Come join an innovative company that builds solutions that work for their clients, and keep on working year after year. With us you will have a key role in the development and evolution of creative new business solutions.

At DJiNN Software we partner with our clients in the truest sense of the word. We become their solution development department and share in the success of businesses we work with. Our relationships are few and long term and our clients depend on us to bring leading-edge software to market that can keep up with and enhance their business vision. As a new Product Manager, you will share in the development and evolution of a number of IT solutions under the direction of a senior DJiNN team member. You will eventually take over the lead role in working with clients to direct, develop, and maintain their IT solutions.


  • Contribute to the vision and direction of IT solutions.
  • Work with clients to create detailed requirements and scheduling for ongoing releases
  • Create and maintain both client-facing and developer-facing documentation using MS Word, simple diagramming tools and our task management system
  • Perform business-level testing to ensure that use cases address business needs.
  • Manage 2-3 solutions simultaneously – each with potentially one release per month.


  • 1-7 years experience in any area of IT
  • The ability to communicate business processes clearly and concisely, to identify holes in detailed logic, and listen with an open mind.
  • Experience with web applications and an understanding of relational data
  • A good eye for UI design and usability

Work Environment

We are mostly a virtual company, so we do things a little differently:

  • We are geographically dispersed and work remotely – much of our communications are done by online meetings, phone and email. You must be self-motivated and self-disciplined. You will need to maintain a home office.
  • You will be managing your own hours and must have excellent time management and prioritization skills. We are NOT looking for someone to work 60+ hours a week. We all have families and value our time. But you must be able to manage your time and communicate your availability appropriately.
  • Our processes are constantly evolving – you should be able to adapt your work habits as we discover efficiencies in delivering the products to the client
  • We’re all good people (honest!) – We are looking for someone who is intelligent, fun to work with, and a great addition to the team.