We realize that the DJiNN business model is different. But in all industries, as the industry matures specialized knowledge is isolated and becomes the focus of specialized businesses that hold and develop that knowledge.

Consider: Steel is the heart of the industrial age. At one time the making of metal and the making of products from metal was done by the same group of people. But today no manufacturing company makes its own steel. It would not be efficient. The industry has matured beyond that. Making steel is a specialized and highly exacting business that has its own unique blend of skills and knowledge. There are those that make the steel and there are those that use the steel to make products and infrastructure. These are two separate bodies of knowledge, neither of which can exist without the other.

Likewise, software solutions are the heart of the information age. As the information age matures it becomes more sophisticated over time. It’s time we recognize the need to change our approach to software management and development. Software management and development is a specialized body of knowledge that requires a team, a culture, and is a business in itself. This is what DJiNN aims to provide.